When doing social media, less is more

Greed is good when it comes to social. On social, less is more. Give 100%, but be selective about what you post. To receive, you must give. The more you give, the more you will receive.

I see you are smiling; it means you understand. Keep reading. Here is a tip. Use analytics; analytics is your friend. If you have little engagement, it is enough to observe how your audience engages with your content, what they like, and what they wish to see less.

Get inside their heads. Here is another tip, posts with pictures drive more engagement. Posts with videos drive more and more engagement. Find out what they want, if your audience does not like pictures, don’t post them. It is not about you; it is all about them.

Build a Community, Not an Audience

Do you like spam? I guess not most of the time. You are just a person, a human being or business. Guess what? Your audience is made up of individuals, with hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Just like you.

If you spam your people about yourself and your products, they will go and find somebody less spammy. The secret of a successful social media strategy, is you aim to educate people and build a community. A cult, if you will. Creating this sense of value, and leadership is what makes great companies. If you would pick a name for your audience what would you choose? Hint: It is not peasants!

Building communities take time, but it is worth it. You should aim for loyalty first. Not:


Results is the pillar of a successful social media strategy. Ask yourself, do I want numbers to impress my friends, or to reflect my originality? Followers and likes are dime a dozen, but engagement is not that cheap.

Numbers are earned, not bought. Each number must matter to you; each number means that there is a human being who wants to hear what you have to say. Do not water down your efforts. It is a marathon, not a sprint.

Have a strong reason for posting. Go as far as creating a unique culture that distinguishes you. It is known that the world is at your fingertips. You do not need to engage the whole world; you just need to engage your world. It is SOCIAL Media, not personal media. Set goals, and achieve them. Know when to quit. Enjoy the ride. Be concise and to the point.